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Paula Coronas

Born in Malaga (Spain.) A graduate of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga, she completed her piano studies under the tutorship of professor Horacio Socías, gaining the highest grades.

She has since worked with outstanding personalities in the world of music: Giovanni Carmassi, Antoni Beses, Manuel Carra, Guillermo González, Estéban Sánchez, Frederic Gevers, and Ramón Coll, but she was guided in her musical training particularly by Ana Guijarro, professor at the Conservatorio Superior in Madrid, and by Anatoli Povzoun (assistant professor to Dimitri Bashkirov in the Escuela Reina Sofía in Madrid) currently professor at the Conservatorio de Música de San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid).

Pianista Paula Coronas

Starting at the very early age of twelve, when she won her first prize in national competition (the Marisa Montiel competition), her career has been marked by numerous prizes and honours:

In 1993, she competed for, and won, the place of Permanent Professor of Piano. Since then, she has been teaching in the Manuel Carra Professional Music Conservatory in Malaga, where she has held several management positions: Deputy Head, Secretary, Head of Studies, and Head of the Department of Cultural activities and artistic promotion.

She combines her teaching work with her profession as a concert pianist, giving recitals, orchestral concerts, and concert-conferences in Spain and abroad (Romania, France, Portugal...), concentrating particularly on Spanish Music.

Her performances as a soloist with orchestras are numerous. She has been conducted by such illustrious maestros as Octav Calleya, Michael Thomas, Miguel Sánchez Ruzafa, Edmon Colomer, Juan Rodríguez Romero, Antón García Abril, Mássimo Paris, and Pablo Gónzalez, amongst others.

Paula Coronas also performs chamber music, forming a regular duet with Sabina Coleasa, the violinist and professor of the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, with whom she recorded a CD entitled Un Paseo Romántico (A romantic walk).

Paula Coronas y Sabina

She was responsible for introducing Andalusia to Nocturnos de la Antequeruela for piano and orchestra, by composer Antón García Abril. Since then, Paula Coronas has recorded that work on CD, with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of its own composer, García Abril.

She has recorded for various national television and radio stations, and is the Editor of the music journal, Intermezzo.

Paula Coronas is frequently asked to join panels of judges for national and international competitions.

She is the author of the Perfiles Armónicos (Harmonic profiles) collection, dedicated to Spanish composers. The first two volumes of this collection have already been published: the first, a bilingual (Spanish/English) book/CD called Antón García Abril: Poeta de Vanguardia (“Antón García Abril: avant-guard poet”) on the work and aesthetics of that composer. The CD is a collection of most of his compositions for piano, performed by Coronas – who specialises in his music. The second volume, El Universo Pianístico en la obra de Joaquín Rodrigo (“The world of piano in the work of Joaquín Rodrigo”), whose texts are also published in both Spanish and English, provides an interesting and novel insight from the point of view of the composer’s pianistic output. The CD is also a compilation of an important and varied selection of Rodrigo’s corpus for piano.

In 2004, she was selected to take part as the soloist on tour with the Joven Orquesta de Cámara de Andalucía (Youth Chamber Orchestra of Andalusia), directed by Michael Thomas.

Her university connections are extensive, having collaborated in recitals with: the Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria in the University of Almeria, in the Madrid Polytechnic University, in the Complutense University of Madrid (Congress on the theme of the Generation of ’27, performing the music of Spanish composers of that era), and the Faculty of Psychology at Malaga University.

She was awarded a scholarship by Malaga University to give the Summer Course for the year 2003, entitled “El Clavecín Interpretación y Bajo Contínuo” (The spinet, performance, and basso continuo).

Paula Coronas is currently completing the second year of a Doctorate in the Faculty of Communications Science at Malaga University.

Paula Coronas is currently Artistic Director of the International Music Festival at Villanueva del Rosario (near Malaga), under whose auspices she has recorded two new CDs: the first, entitled Cantando a Andalucía (Singing to Andalusia), provides an extensive catalogue of Spanish and Andalusian composers; while the second Todo Mozart (All Mozart), was created as a means for this Festival to pay tribute to the brilliant Salzburg composer. In this recording, Coronas performs the Concerto nº 21 for Piano and Orchestra, under the direction of Michael Thomas and the Andalusia Chamber Orchestra.

Paula Coronas performed the world premiere of composer Antón García Abril’s Alba de los Caminos.

She is Doctor in Communication by the Universidad de Malaga inside the doctorate program "Communication and Music". The title of the thesis is "The pianistic work of Anton Garcia Abril: a paradigm of musical communication".


Pianista Paula Coronas


Paula Coronas is the Artistic Director of the International Music Festival at Villanueva del Rosario (near Malaga). Since the date of its creation in 2005, the Malaga pianist, as the director of this festival, has accomplished the considerable task of technical advising and directing.

This festival is a collection of interesting musical shows, chamber and solo recitals, symphony concerts, conferences, musical exhibitions, improvers’ courses, music workshops, recordings, premieres of specially commissioned works from great composers, and a National Competition for piano and string categories, the preparation of which will be a major part of the Festival’s musical activities.

One of the prizes − the prize for the best performance of Spanish Music −­ at the International Music Festival at Villanueva del Rosario has been named after Paula Coronas. This has received financial support from the Villanueva del Rosario Town Hall.

The Festival is presenting a very rich and varied programme of musical events, in an attempt to satisfy all sectors of the population with a broad cultural range. On previous occasions, there have also been successful open-air concerts, and educational children’s shows and concerts.

During the next Festival – planned for July 2007 -, there will be a premiere of a commissioned work realized by the composer Antón García Abril. The García Abril string quartet and the pianist Paula Coronas will be giving this premiere.


Pianista Paula Coronas


The concert pianist, Paula Coronas, is considered these days to be a specialist in the work of Antón García Abril. During the last few years, her work has been centred on the study of his music.

In the year 2000, the Malaga pianist recorded García Abril’s Nocturnos de la Antequeruela for piano and stringed orchestra, together with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra and under the direction of its own composer, Antón García Abril.

Shortly afterwards, the Maestro publishing house offered her the chance to undertake a bibliographic and discographic work encompassing the musical aesthetics of the composer from Teruel.

So it was that, in the year 2003-2004, Paula Coronas produced a bilingual (Spanish/English) book/CD entitled Antón García Abril: Poeta de Vanguardia (“Antón García Abril: avant-guard poet”), as well as the performance of the CD attached to the book, Paula Coronas was also responsible for the text within the book.

This monographic volume has been reviewed by the composer, García Abril, who describes it as one of the best musical studies of his work.

The book was launched in Madrid to great acclaim, and subsequently throughout the whole of Spain, enjoying prestigious tributes, both from the specialized critics and from the readers.

Antón García Abril: Poeta de Vanguardia has the added attraction of being the first volume of a collection dedicated to great Spanish composers that has become known as Perfiles Armónicos.

Shortly, in July 2007, the Malaga performer will premiere a new work of Antón García Abril: Alba de los caminos, a commission created for the International Music Festival of Villanueva del Rosario. The score, dedicated to pianist Paula Coronas, was written for string quartet and piano soloist.

The second volume of the Perfiles Armónicos collection is dedicated to the life and works of Joaquín Rodrigo. Under the title of El Universo pianístico en la obra de Joaquín Rodrigo (“The world of piano in the work of Joaquín Rodrigo”), Paula Coronas demonstrates her vision as a performer of the piano oeuvre of the composer from the east of Spain. Thanks to the Victoria y Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation, ably run by the composer’s only daughter, Cecilia Rodrigo, this study has been produced with wide accessibility and abundant documentation.

This book/CD, recently published in a bilingual edition, has been presented in the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (Madrid Fine Arts Circle) to extraordinary acclaim.


Paula Coronas Pianist

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